Main Features

Multi-type Smart Keys

"Smart key systems for smart consumers"

Biometric - Fingerprint - Premium fingerprint recognition system with state-of-the-art Area Type semiconductor, which makes less error and high response rate also no wake-up of the device required. 

NFC Cards or devices - Doorlock supports registration of the most type of NFC cards and devices which meets our security standard. Reader operates 13.56 Mhz frequency and supports NFC standard ISO 14443A-PART 3,4. The product comes with Smart Sticker Tag, Slim Cards, Digital keys depending upon the product type.

Manual Key - The device also supports manual key or normal type mechanical key. This can be used as the emergency key or master key.  

BLE - Consumer can pair doorlock with our mobile apps on IOS and Android devices. Users can lock, unlock, check status, check the history of door activities.

Passcode - All devices come with password lock which supports passcode of length 4-20 digits.

Strong die-cast body

Made of high-strength aluminium material die-cast which is strong against external sock and fire. The product undergoes various mode of testing under SouthKorea and international standards which include, Deadbolt & handle breaking strength test, External shock on the product, Opening/shutting lifespan, Static electricity and electric shock test, temperature resistance test, Waterproof test, Salt spray test/corrosion test. For the detailed report on durability test, Click here

Invasion Detection and Damage Alarm

Trying to open the closed door in an abnormal way (Hitting or by opening door crevice) will produce a strong 80db sound alarm.

Fire safety system

In case of fire, the system automatically lets a  strong 80db fire alarm go off and the locking system opens automatically.


Battery Change Notification

The product requires 4 AA batteries to operate and contains 8 battery slots in which 4 slots act as backup. By checking the amount of battery power left by itself, it gives indication on battery power and when to replace the battery.

Password Exposure Prevention

Be free from password exposure through the smart fake number input function in case you have someone near you. The fake number input function enables you to enter fake numbers along with the actual password, which is very effective against password exposure.

Fingerprint traces exposure

Stop worrying about your passwords being exposed due to remaining fingerprints. Every time you open the door using passwords, you will get lightly to touch the product, which will remove the traces of remaining fingerprints.

Electric shock prevention

This is a reassuring system that has been designed to absorb not only abnormal external electric shock but also electrostatic / Magnetic impact by making use of the principle of a lightning rod.

Inactivation of a lost smart-key

If you have lost your keys, you can make the key unavailable to be used without changing the lock by using inactivation function. This gives more security assurance and convenience for the consumers.

30 Sec emergency Lock

If wrong passwords are entered thrice consecutively, an alarm goes off and for security reason, all the functionality of doorlock will stop for 30 seconds.

Etiquette Function

Etiquette function and manipulation of the operating sound. This enables the consumer to set temporary inactivation of the operating sound when entering and exiting late night or for any particular situation.

Emergency Power Supply

In any case, if battery is completely dead or does not work, you can operate the door function by supplying 9V DC power to outer-case socket

Forced external/Internal locking function

When everyone in inside house late night, and no one will be going out, enabling force lock setting will prevent any door opening from outside even if the correct password or registered SmartKey is tagged. In the same way, if you are leaving the house for a long time, if someone is trying to do something with the door lock, it will alarm loudly.

Connection with house automation system / Remote Control function

By mounting a wireless slot, it can be connected to the specific remote control system or GMRS system. This ADD-ON device should be purchased separately.

Auto/Manual lock settings

This function enables automatic locking when a door is closed. In places like office, where people enter and exit often, manual lock is used.

Entry/Exit management dual master function only for the administrator or building management

This function is convenient at such places as a school dormitory where exit/enter management of each household is required. The magnetic(Digital Key) and mechanical(manual) key offers master key function for building management convenience and safety